Equine Assisted Learning

What is EAL?

An experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills.

  • Educational
  • Professional
  • Personal

During an EAL program, you may experience...

  • Decreased blood pressure, heart rate, & stress levels
  • Reduced tension, anxiety, anger, & hostility
  • Increased beta-endorphins reducing physical pain
  • Feelings of positive self-esteem, empowerment, patience, & trust
  • Heightened self-awareness, & reflection
  • Connection

What people are saying...

I absolutely love this program. Gaining the trust with my horse today was amazing. I haven’t felt so at peace and alive without drugs or alcohol in a very long time. The connection made today with my horse was unbelievable and took my breath away. I felt as though I was a kid again, enjoying life because of its beauty shown through the relationship built between man and horse.
…Grooming made me feel oneness with my horse like we both accepted each other at the same time.
I felt comfortable in my own body for the first time in a long time. The pain went away, I felt joy, happiness, and my confidence went up.
Working with the horse has a calming effect over me and I lose track of time.