Wellness Programs

During an equine wellness program, you may experience...

  • Decreased blood pressure, heart rate, & stress levels
  • Reduced tension and anxiety
  • Increased beta-endorphins, reducing physical pain
  • Feelings of positive self-esteem, empowerment, patience, & trust
  • Heightened self-awareness, & reflection
  • Connection

Horse Whispers in the Woods

A women’s circle of self-discovery through the intuitive and healing power of horses. This on-the-ground workshop provides a real-time experience in relationship skills and increased emotional intelligence through a partnership with the horse

Dates: See registration calendar below for currently available 2022 dates.

Time: 6pm-8pm.

Cost: $30

Registration: Click here.


Horses Helping Heroes

Please click here to go to our Horses Helping Heroes page to learn more about this unique program for military Veterans.

…Grooming made me feel oneness with my horse like we both accepted each other at the same time.
I felt comfortable in my own body for the first time in a long time. The pain went away, I felt joy, happiness, and my confidence went up.
Working with the horse has a calming effect over me and I lose track of time.