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Gadget Caches

What are gadget caches?

A gadget cache is a special geocache where the geocacher must do something special to get to the logbook inside. It might be a bird house with a lock that you have to use magnets to find the code. Or maybe it's even electric and you have to play a game to get the log.

Gadget Cache Challenge

Ten special gadget caches have been hidden in several Polk County parks and trails. Clues for solving each gadget cache are found on each individual cache page. 

When you find all ten, turn in your Gadget Cache sheet to earn a PCC geocoin. You may turn in your finished sheet to the Jester Park Nature Center or mail it to: 12130 NW 128th St., Granger, IA 50109 

Download and print the Gadget Cache sheet HERE!


Contact Heidi Anderson at 515-323-5360 or heidi.anderson@polkcountyiowa.gov

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