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Geocaching Parks Challenge

Polk County's Geocaching Parks Challenge

We want to encourage you to get outside and explore our county parks and trails throughout there year, and we think geocaching is a great way to learn about them.

Geocaching is a high tech scavenger hunt using GPS. We have worked with local geocachers to hide geocaches in 16 different Polk County parks and trails. Once all 16 geocaches have been found, individuals must turn in their passport to claim their reward - a special geocoin! By the end of the challenge, we hope you’ll know where there are tons of cool places to hike, bike, camp and explore.

How it works

Download and print the Geocaching Passport HERE!

The passport includes details about where to find the 16 special geocaches in the challenge. To find the geocaches, you’ll need to download Groundspeak’s geocaching app or c:geo app on your smart phone or use a handheld GPS unit.

What's Inside Each Geocache?

Geocaches are small containers with a log book, crayon, and rubbing plate inside. You must use the crayon to create a rubbing in the passport of the secret word for the corresponding cache.  


Once all 16 geocaches have been found, users may turn in their passport to the Jester Park office or by mail and each family will receive one geocoin. Additional geocoins may be purchased at $10/coin.

Coin Side B V3c.png

Front side of geocoin

When can you participate?

Right NOW! There are no limits on how long it takes to complete the challenge.

Geocaching FAQs

Unfamiliar with geocaching and have questions, visit www.geocaching.com to learn more!


Contact Heidi Anderson at 515-323-5360 or heidi.anderson@polkcountyiowa.gov


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