Intake and Screening Bureau

The Intake and Screening Bureau is staffed by twelve attorneys, as well as numerous legal assistants, legal secretaries, and victim liaisons. This bureau prosecutes the high-volume dockets, including the misdemeanor dockets, the driving docket, and the domestic abuse docket. This bureau is also responsible for initial screening of most charges, as well as staffing the jail court.

Operated While Intoxicated

The OWI Unit, a subdivision of the Intake and Screening Bureau of the Polk County Attorney’s Office, is comprised of two full-time Assistant County Attorneys, one legal assistant and one legal secretary. The work of the staff is also supported by investigators from the Investigation Bureau of the Polk County Attorney’s Office.

The OWI Unit prosecutes persons charged with the crime of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs. The unit also prosecutes any related crimes that may be associated with the OWI such as Child Endangerment, Carrying Weapons, Driving While License is Barred/Suspended, Eluding, Possession of Controlled Substances, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and any traffic citations that the defendant may receive.

The OWI Unit is responsible for the screening and filing of OWI criminal charges. After a case is filed, it is the responsibility of the OWI Units attorneys to appear before the Court and present evidence in support of the trial information that has been filed and to otherwise represent the interests of the State of Iowa. The OWI Unit also works to assist any victims that are harmed as a result of an OWI related traffic accident by providing resources and pursuing court-ordered restitution.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Unit

The Polk County Attorney’s Office designed and implemented the Domestic Abuse Unit in March of 1991. This Unit was established to address the difficult issues involved in the prosecution of domestic abuse. The Unit’s mission is to prosecute perpetrators of domestic abuse and to hold them accountable for their actions while providing support and assistance to victims of the violence and their children.

The Unit handles indictable misdemeanor, simple and felony related offenses.  The Unit is staffed by full time personnel which includes a Legal Assistant, Victim Liaison, Legal Secretary, and three Assistant County Attorneys.

If you have questions regarding a domestic abuse incident or case you may contact the Unit at (515) 286-3737.

Domestic Abuse Court

During the Spring of 2001, the Polk County Attorney’s Office, in cooperation with the judges of the Fifth Judicial District and the Clerk of Court’s Office, collaborated to establish a plan to set up a Domestic Abuse Assault Court. The intent of designing the new Court was to obtain efficiencies in the processing of Domestic Abuse cases and to provide a consistency in court decisions.

On July 2, 2001, the Domestic Abuse Assault Court began to hear cases. All Arraignments, Pre-trial Conferences, Violations of No-Contact Orders, and Requests for Modification of No-Contact Orders are held in this Court. There is one judge assigned to the courtroom and he or she will be addressing domestic abuse cases exclusively at the designated hearing times.

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