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Can the plaintiff bid more than the "Foreclosure debt?"

The Plaintiff may have additional costs they have incurred between the time they began the foreclosure proceeding and the time of the sale. In that case, they will file with the court an affidavit of advances and when they bring that to our office, we will add that amount to the foreclosure debt for the sale.


If I purchase a property that has a redemption period, do I have to pay for the property within two hours just like the no redemption sales?

Yes, a purchase must be paid for within two hours in bank funds regardless of redemption period.


If I purchase a property and there is someone in possession of the property, what do I do to remove them?

If there is no redemption period or the redemption period is over and you have a Sheriff's Deed, you need to go to the clerk of court and apply for a writ of removal using the Plaintiff and Defendant and case number from the foreclosure. Then you need to come to our office and fill out directions for the writ of removal and pay for fees. The deputy from that territory will contact you and set up a time for the removal.


If my property is purchased at a sale, when do I have to be out?

Whoever purchased the property at the sale is entitled to possession at the time of the sale in the case of no redemption period, or at the end of the redemption period.


Can I view the property before I bid on it?

That will depend on the person in possession. If there is someone living there, they may be willing to show it to you. If it is vacant, then probably not.


What if I purchase the property at a redemption sale and lose my certificate?

If the original Certificate is lost, the Sheriff's Office will need a court order to issue a new Certificate.


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