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COVID-19 Vehicle Title Transfers Received Date: 6/4/21

We are currently processing vehicle title transfers received in our office on 6/4/21.  We are currently working through higher than normal title transfer activity, high call volumes, and limited staff.  We ask that you please have patience as we deal with the surge in workload.  Staff are working extra hours during the week and many Saturdays in an effort to get all the work processed during this extremely busy time.

Click here for Concise Title Instructions

Please be patient, call wait times are longer than usual due to the high call volume we are experiencing.  Staff are working extra hours during the week and many Saturdays in an effort to get all the work processed during this extremely busy time.

Personalized and Special Ordered Plates Ready for Pickup

To obtain your personalized/special ordered plate (you have already paid for and received notice that the plates are in our office), you may come in and pick them up or do the following:

  1. Your vehicle must be "currently" registered prior to receiving your personalized plate,
  2. Call our office 515-286-3030 or email,
  3. Provide the plate character and/or number combination that is currently displayed on your vehicle,
  4. Provide the Customer Name on the letter you received from our office, and
  5. Provide the plate character and/or number combination for your new plate, and

We will mail the new plates and registration to you.

You are required to mail your original plates back to our office so we can properly update the statewide motor vehicle system to cancel ownership of the plates out of your name and avoid illegal use of your old plates.  Our address is 111 Court Ave, Rm 154, Des Moines, IA 50309-2298.  It will cost $2.20 (or 4 $0.55 cent USPS stamps) for standard sized plates or $0.65 cents for a small motorcycle plate.

How to Renew When You Cannot Renew Online due to some type of "Stop"

You may settle a "stop" with us at the time of your renewal with guaranteed funds by mail, our drop box at the South of the Polk County Administration Building or over the phone at 515-286-3030.  There is a $5 administrative fee and guaranteed funds are cashiers check, money order or credit card.  Amounts paid by credit card may only be paid up to $500 with each card.   Following are types of "Stop"s you may encounter:

  • SR22 insurance:  You will need to provide a copy of your AAMVA form. Mail or use our drop box at the South of our building in our parking lot
  • Parking tickets:  Call the City of Des Moines at 515-283-4209 or visit their website at
  • Department of Revenue:  Call 866-339-7912 or send us guaranteed funds (cashiers check, money order or credit card)
  • Polk County Clerk of Court:  Call 515-286-3772 or send us guaranteed funds (cashiers check, money order or credit card)
  • County Attorney:  Call to create payment plan for Clerk of Court Stops 515-286-3077 (they will email a release to us)
  • Child Support:  Call 888-229-9223; Des Moines 515-242-5530


Please see our Appointment tab on the top menu bar and read through the information pertaining to our phased re-opening approach by appointment only and thank you for your patience as we work through this new way of doing business.

-Payment website/24 hour

-Click here for Online Vehicle information

-Click here for Online Property Tax Database Information

-The hours below are for the Treasurer's different services.  Times do NOT include business hours for other offices in the Polk County Administration building.

Physical Address

  • Attn Vehicle Division, Rm 154 
  • Attn Property Tax Division, Rm 154
  • Attn Administration, Rm 140

111 Court Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309-2298


Payment website 24 hour


Phones, Mon-Fri

7am-4:30pm (serve last calls in queue 4:30-5pm)

  • Vehicle Division 515-286-3030 (Due to the high call volume phone wait time could exceed 30 minutes during peak times of the day)
  • Property Tax Division 515-286-3060
  • Cash Management 515-286-3041, #3
  • Administration 515-286-3041

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Drop Box at Building

South of Administration Building in parking lot. No CASH! Pay with check or money order or include your phone number and we will call you for payment over the phone. 

Please make a personal note to yourself the date you are dropping off paperwork for a vehicle title transfer.  Come back to this webpage often--at the top of this page is the 'received date' we are currently working on.



Review transaction type hours carefully:

  • Title transfers: 7am-4pm (last service ticket# issued at 4pm).  If you have your paperwork in-hand, you can book an appointment (FOR TITLE TRANSFERS ONLY).
  • 7am-4:30pm All other business, e.g. vehicle renewals and property tax payments (last service ticket# issued at 4:30pm)
  • 4:30-5pm Used to serve last walk-in clients before building doors lock at 5pm
  • Dealer:  7am-4pm (last service ticket# issued at 4pm)


Email Instruction

Required information needed to answer your email to is:  VIN, phone number, plate#, full name. 



  • Walnut Street & Court Avenue Bridges, Free
  • Administration Building Parking Lot (County Business Only), $0.50 per hr
  • 3rd & Court Parking Ramp - Skywalk Access, $1
  • Meter Parking Next to Administration Building, 1.25




  • Vehicle Division 515-323-5202
  • Property Tax Division 515-323-5202
  • Cash Management 515-286-3375
  • Administration 515-286-2225


TITLE TRANSFERS and PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS are available by appointment only. You may schedule an appointment using the 'Appointment' link in the menu bar. For Renewals and Property Tax, pay online at