Book an Appointment - TITLE TRANSFERS ONLY!

Welcome to the Appointment Scheduler for TITLE TRANSACTIONS ONLY.  Please read the following information pertaining to our phased re-opening approach by appointment only and thank you for your patience as we work through this new way of doing business.

Important Scheduling Information

Appointments are ONLY FOR TITLE TRANSFERS and new Iowa resident move-ins (Limit of 1 appointment per day and no more than 10 titles per appointment).  To help protect the health and safety of our employees and the general public, only patrons with appointments are being allowed in the building at this time and appointments are currently limited to only title transfer transactions or new Iowa resident move-ins.  In order to maintain our appointment schedule, title transfers will be limited to no more than 10 per appointment and only 1 appointment may be scheduled per day.  Appointments for additional services will be expanded in the future.

Transactions other than title transfers will not be completed.  Your transaction will not be completed if you schedule an appointment for a title transfer and attempt to conduct a different transaction like purchasing a specialty plate, renewing your registration, making a property tax payment, etc.

Transactions other than title transfers will need to be completed by other means.  Vehicle and property tax transactions currently not allowed to schedule appointments can be done on the payment website, by mail, by using the South lot drop box, or by phone (Vehicle 515-286-3030, Property Tax 515-286-3060).  This includes claims for refund, obtaining personal/specialty plates, applying for replacement titles, and property tax payments.  Tax sale buyer certificates for reimbursement, tax sale redemption payments, and abstract company payments can be deposited in the South lot drop box.

You need to have the physical paperwork with you in order to make an appointment.  Appointments will not be allowed for Title Transfers when the paperwork is already in our office. Due to the length of time and resources it would require, we will not be able to search through all the title transfer paperwork in our office to locate the one needed for an appointment if the title transfer paperwork has already been provided to us.  You will need to wait until we get to the title transfer through our normal back office process.

Appointments are in high demand.  Appointments fill up fast and can be difficult to get.  Additional appointment times will be added in the future.  If you are unable to get an appointment it is important for you to submit your transaction to us in a timely manner through phone, mail, drop box, or online to avoid any late penalty or fees.

Open appointments are reserved extremely quick.  All of the available appointments have been reserved if all the dates on the appointment calendar are grayed out and there is a message stating “There are no timeslots available for selected number of persons and service.”  You may continue to check back for any possible cancellations.  If you are having trouble getting an appointment it is important that you to submit your transaction to us in a timely manner another way such as through mail or drop box to avoid any late penalty.

Not getting an appointment!  It is important that you submit your transaction to us by mail or drop box to avoid late penalty!  If your paperwork is not in to us timely you will be charged late penalty.

Title Transfers Only - Online appointment (Self Service)

Title Transfers Only - Appointment by phone (assisted by our specialist)

You can call our office to make an appointment:

Vehicle:  515-286-3030 - Due to the high call volume, phone wait time could exceed 30 minutes during peak times of the day.

Property Tax:  515-286-3060

TITLE TRANSFERS: We are open by APPOINTMENT ONLY FOR TITLE TRANSFERS. Until further notice, all other transactions must be done by phone, mail, drop box, or online. All of our 'Contact Us' information and 'Payment Options' can be found on the top menu bar. Pay online anytime at