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Starting October 18, 2021 title transfers will be limited to 5 per appointment.

Welcome to the Appointment Scheduler for Title Transfers and New Iowa Resident Move-Ins

Please read the following information before booking your appointment.

Important Scheduling Information

Appointments are only available for title transfers and new Iowa resident move-ins. 

Title transfers are limited to no more than 5 titles per appointment and only 1 appointment may be scheduled per person, per day. 

Due to a significant increase in customer traffic, appointments may experience minor delays. We aim to see all appointments within 20 minutes of their scheduled appointment time.

You must have the physical title paperwork with you in order to make an appointment.

Appointments will not be allowed for Title Transfers that have already submitted the required paperwork to our office.

Appointments are in high demand. 

Appointments fill up fast and can be difficult to get.  If you are unable to get an appointment it is important for you to submit your transaction to us in a timely manner through mail or drop box to avoid late penalty or fees.

Open appointments are reserved quickly.

If there is no appointment availability at the time of your booking you may continue to check back for any possible cancellations.  

Unable to schedule an appointment?  Submit your transaction to us through mail or drop box to avoid late penalty! 

Book an Appointment

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Need additional assistance? Call to schedule an appointment:

Vehicle:  515-286-3030

Due to the high call volume, phone wait time could exceed 30 minutes during peak times of the day.