Expired Temporary License Plate Card

If you purchased a vehicle from a dealer and obtained a temporary license plate card, you may continue to use the temporary license plate card past the forty-five (45) day expiration period if permanent plates have been applied for but have not been received.  Per the Governor’s current Proclamation, the requirement to display permanent plates on a vehicle within forty-five (45) days after the date of delivery of the vehicle to the purchaser from the dealer has been extended to ninety (90) days.  For the duration of the Proclamation and any subsequent extensions, a vehicle may be operated upon the highways of this state without registration plates for a period of ninety (90) days after the date of delivery of the vehicle to the purchaser from a dealer if the vehicle has a temporary license plate card displayed.  The requirement to forward an application for title to the county treasurer within thirty calendar days from the date of the delivery of the vehicle to the purchaser remains in effect.

We are currently working through higher than normal title transfer activity, high call volumes, and limited staff.  All in addition to the contactless manner in which we are doing much of our business in conjunction with helping customers by appointment for title transfers.  We ask that you please have patience as we deal with the surge in workload.  Staff are working extra hours during the week and many Saturdays in an effort to get all the work processed during this extremely busy time.

Title transfers are processed in the date order they are received.  To view the title transfer applications received date we are currently processing go to our COVID-19/Contact Us page.