Mortgage Company & Property Tax Payments

Where can I get the latest information about my property and property tax?

This information can be obtained by contacting the Polk County Treasurer.

Why did I get a tax statement when my mortgage company is responsible for paying my property taxes?

Pursuant to Iowa law, the county treasurer is required to mail a tax statement to the titleholder of record on all parcels in the county.  Third party payers such as mortgage companies request tax statements from the County Treasurer if they are responsible for paying your taxes.  If your mortgage company is required to pay your taxes you should retain the tax statement sent to you for income tax purposes.

If you paid your property taxes before your mortgage company payment is processed, the payment from your mortgage company will be returned to them.  You will need to request a refund directly from your mortgage company.

My mortgage company should pay my taxes. Is there anything that I need to do?

Pursuant to Iowa law, it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to ensure that taxes are paid in a timely manner.  Contact your mortgage company if you are unsure who is responsible for paying your tax.  Contact the Polk County Treasurer where your parcel is located to be sure the taxes are current.  We suggest that you check our online system each October and the following April to make sure your taxes have been paid.

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