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Please review the April 6, 2021 Board of Supervisor's Resolution for additional information about the delay of the June 2020 tax sale.

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The Polk County Treasurer is responsible for the administration of the Annual Tax Sale and must offer for sale, in an open competitive bidding process (Iowa Code Chapter 446), parcels in which taxes have become delinquent. The purpose of the tax sale is to collect unpaid taxes. The Annual Tax Sale takes place in June of each year at the Airport Holiday Inn, Iowa Hall, 6111 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA 50321.

Below is Tax Sale information in a .pdf file, as well as the previous years tax sale information, provided for reference purposes only.


Delinquent taxes on a parcel subject to sale will be advertised in June in a Polk County newspaper of general circulation. Properties are listed in parcel number order and have a sequence number for bidding purposes. Copies of the newspaper are available for purchase at the Polk County Treasurer's Office.

In Addition, computer reports of delinquent items are available in three formats:

  1. Paper report - Paper reports can be picked up in room 155 or mailed through the U.S. Postal Service or UPS regular delivery.
  2. Electronic Report Via Treasurer’s Web Site (view only) – FREE - Customers may view the computer report from the Treasurer’s Office Web Site beginning June 1st at no cost by accessing our Treasurer Tax Sale Application.
  3. Electronic Download via Treasurer’s Website – Login Access: Customers may download Microsoft Excel spreadsheets from the Polk County Treasurer’s website containing the delinquent tax information beginning June 1st. The information provided on the website is updated once per day. The fee for this service is $50.00 and includes unlimited download capability for the annual and adjourned tax sales. The Polk County Treasurer’s Office will assign a username and password to download this file upon receipt of payment.

To place an order in one or more of the previously mentioned formats, complete the ‘Delinquent Tax List Order Form’ and return it with your check for the appropriate fee to the Polk County Treasurer’s Office.

You will receive a user ID, password and the Internet web-site address from the Treasurer’s Office once you have paid for the report.

Format Method of Delivery Effective Dates Cost
Paper Report Pick Up June Annual Tax Sale $50.00 ea.
Paper Report U.S. Mail/UPS June Annual Tax Sale $60.00 ea.
Paper Report Pick Up All Adjourned Tax Sales $10.00 ea.
Paper Report U.S. Mail/UPS All Adjourned Tax Sales $10.00 ea.
Electronic Report (view only) Internet June Annual Tax Sale &
All Adjourned Tax Sales
Electronic download Report Internet June Annual Tax Sale
& All Adjourned Tax Sales

Submit the request and payment for paper reports or electronic downloadable files to:

Polk County Treasurer
Attn: Tax Administrative Supervisor
111 Court Avenue Des Moines, IA 50309-2298
Phone: 515-286-3060 Fax: 515-323-5202

Copying, distributing, or selling the tax sale computer report is prohibited.

The investor is responsible for all research on parcels available for auction.

The following sites are available that may help an investor research parcels for the tax sale:

Please contact the Cash Management Division of the Polk County Treasurer's Office at 515-286-3035 for information concerning tax sale redemption funds.