Vehicle Blackout, Personalized, and other Specialty Plates

Iowa DOT Plates Available

Link to Specialty Plates and prices (available either through DOT or your County Treasurer's Office)

If you are interested in personalized plates or specialty plates that you have to qualify for (military, retired military, college, or fire fighter, etc.) the Iowa DOT requires these to be ordered through their website at IowaDOT.GOV.  Please visit the IOWADOT website for all plate designs.  Click the design of your choice for information and the application to order.  We'll send you a notice with instruction on how to receive your new plates once they arrive at our office.

Random Blackout and Other Specialty Plates Available at Your County Treasurer

We do have many random number specialty plates in our office.  See below for a list of plates we have available here.  To order one of the below designs from us do the following:

  • Use the mail or drop box located on the South side of our building in the parking lot
  • Leave us your payment of the Initial Fee plus $3 for postage/handling
  • Make sure you include a note to us with your current plate number and phone number
  • Your vehicle must be currently registered or you will need to include your annual registration renewal fee

Once you receive your new plates you are required to mail your original plates back to our office so we can properly update the statewide motor vehicle system to cancel ownership of the plates out of your name and avoid illegal use of your old plates.  Drop your old plates in our drop box or mail to our address at 111 Court Ave, Rm 154, Des Moines, IA 50309-2298.  It will cost $2.20 (or 4 $0.55 cent USPS stamps) for standard sized plates or $0.65 cents for a small motorcycle plate.


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