Vehicle: Title Transfer Manufactured or Mobile Home

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Manufactured or Mobile Home Iowa code Section 321.1(36c)(a) A “manufactured” or “mobile home” means any vehicle without motive power used or so manufactured or constructed as to permit its being used as a conveyance upon the public streets and highways and so designed, constructed, or reconstructed as will permit the vehicle to be used as a place for human habitation by one or more persons.  If the frame and axle are removed from the Manufactured or Mobile Home and it is not located in a Mobile Home park, the Manufactured or Mobile Home is considered real estate.

Mobile homes are titled in the county or state where the mobile home is located

A new owner has 30 days to present the properly assigned title to his/her county treasurer so that a title can be issued in the new owner’s name.  Penalties will apply after 30 days.

Title Transfer

To ensure all documents are completed correctly, read both the seller and buyer responsibilities.  All documents are to be completed in black or blue ball-point pen then either mailed or dropped in our drop box located at the front of our building.  Visit our Contact Us page for address, phone, fax and other information..

Seller(s) complete:

  • Title assignment: Buyer(s) name and address on the assignment line.  Up to three names may be listed as owners on a title.
  • Date of Sale
  • Signature of seller: IF jointly owned with the name connector or AND both sellers must sign.

Buyer(s) complete:

  • The Iowa Application for Iowa Title and/or Registration Form (Iowa DOT form 411007) in black or blue ball-point pen.
    • Owner Information – All buyers must complete owner information (1, 2, & 3) AND all buyers are required to sign at the bottom of the application.
    • Vehicle Information – completed by using the information on the title.
    • Security Interest Information- if there is a lien to be noted on the title, provide all information requested. If no lien against the vehicle, print “none” after the words “If none, so state.”
    • Purchase Price – must be declared on new mobile homes or first time titled if no tax has been paid. “Use Tax”  -- Imposed upon manufactured housing and mobile homes at the rate of 5 percent.  The tax is based on 20 percent of the purchase price.  If no tax is due complete page 2 of the application for the tax exemption using UT08.  More information on “Use Tax” can be found on Iowa Department and Revenue’s website in the UT510 Manual:

Mobile homes or Manufactured Housing – A mobile home tax clearance is required for the transfer of a mobile/manufactured home.  The tax clearance form will be completed by the last county that collected the mobile home tax.  The transfer of ownership will be completed in the county where the mobile/manufactured home is located.  To obtain a tax clearance, the owner who sells a home between July 1 and December 31 must pay the September tax installment and is not required to pay the March tax installment.  The owner who sells a home between January 1 and June 30 must pay the March tax installment.  All delinquent taxes and Tax Sales must be paid in full.

Tiny Homes/House on Wheels provided the dimensions don’t exceed 8’6” x 45’ and the wheels/frame are permanently affixed, title as a towable recreational vehicle. If such vehicle will be used as a place for habitation for more than 90 consecutive days, it should be titled as a mobile home.

For additional Mobile Home property tax information, please refer to

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