New Iowa Residents

New to Iowa?

You are required to register your vehicle with the Treasurer in your county of residence within 30 days of establishing residency in Iowa*. Iowa registration is required even if your license plates are still valid in another state.

All applicable fees should be paid at the time of registration.


Leased Vehicles

If the vehicle is a lease vehicle, the lessee will need to:

Calculate Fees

Use the Iowa DOT's Fee Estimator to calculate registration and/or title fees:

  • The 'purchase date' is the date you moved into Iowa
  • Mark the box to "include postage amounts"
  • If you are not surrendering your title at this time, subtract the $25 for the title fee.

*If you choose not to get your out of state title converted to an Iowa title at the time of your move-in, please note that you will be required to obtain an Iowa title if you sell your vehicle in Iowa at a later date. If you sell your vehicle out of state, an Iowa title is not required by the state of Iowa. To request an Iowa title you must complete the Application for Certificate of Title and/or Registration (Iowa DOT form 411007) and submit the title from the state that you moved here from.

Schedule an appointment to complete an Iowa Move-In in person.