Active Threat Work Group

Collaboration between the following organizations:

  • Polk County Emergency Management Commission
  • Polk County 911 Service Board
  • Central Iowa Emergency Medical Service Directors (CIEMSD)
  • Polk County Fire Chiefs Association (PCFCA)
  • Polk County Law Enforcement Executives Association (PLEXA)

Focus: Increased preparedness and standardization of processes and procedures around an active threat, active shooter, or active assailant situation.

The ATWG encourages the broad use of these materials during public education and training opportunities on this difficult but important topic.  The uniform use of these standardized materials will better instill a consistent approach across the region.  While this material alone is not the whole solution to this complex problem, our hope is to reduce confusion, increase preparedness, and provide a consistent message.

The material is the result of a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach.  It was developed and vetted by response and support personnel from across the region and includes input from the private sector as well as  local, state and federal government officials.  The ATWG will routinely review the material and focus on quality improvement over time.

Public Education and Training Materials:

Active Threat Work Group Public Presentation - 15 Min. Version

Active Threat Work Group Public Presentation - 30 Min Version

Active Threat Work Group Public Presentation - 60 Min Version

See Something, Say Something Bike challenge Video

Run, Hide, Fight Video (Credit U.S. DHS and City of Houston, TX)