Emergency Management

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Multi-Disciplinary Group

Mission Statement

Polk County Multi-Disciplinary Emergency Planning Group, comprised of representatives from Emergency Management, Local Public Health, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Hospitals and community partners is responsible for the periodic review of emergency response plans, and the evaluation of response efforts following an actual event.


Goals & Objectives of the Polk County Multi-Disciplinary Emergency Planning Group include:

  • Minimize the impact of disasters on communities throughout Polk County
  • Communication -To provide a network for members to communicate with local, regional, state, and national emergency management organizations
  • Coordination & COLLABORATION - To provide an environment for the coordination and collaboration among local agencies in the development of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery strategies
  • Representation - To represent local agencies in matters pertaining to public policies on issues regarding emergency management
  • Education - To develop a system of informing and/or providing the membership with professional development opportunities

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Polk County Emergency Management
1907 Carpenter Avenue
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