Financial and Economic Recovery

Financial and Economic Recovery

Financial Security refers to the peace of mind you feel when you aren't worried about your income being enough to covey your expenses. it also means that you have enough money saved to cover emergencies and your future financial goals.

The Polk County Disaster Recovery Partnership recognizes that this important topic has two distinct areas - individuals and businesses - with each having their own unique needs, access to resources and impacts on the well-being of the county. 

Current Recovery Initiatives

The Stay Safe Pledge is an initiative of the Finance and Economic Recovery Subcommittee of the Polk County Disaster Recovery Partnership. The initiative is a commitment by business owners and customers as a shared responsibility to remain safe while shopping or dining in Polk County. Businesses are encouraged to take the pledge and post the flyer in their establishment, and that customers can easily recognize those businesses that are following guidelines to ensure their safety and understand the expectations while inside. For more information and to take the pledge, visit