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Financial Security

Financial Security

Financial Security refers to the peace of mind you feel when you aren't worried about your income being enough to covey your expenses. it also means that you have enough money saved to cover emergencies and your future financial goals.

The Polk County Disaster Recovery Partnership recognizes that this important topic has two distinct areas - individuals and businesses - with each having their own unique needs, access to resources and impacts on the well-being of the county. 

Financial Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Jay Byers, Greater Des Moines Partnership

Dutch Geisinger, Safeguard Iowa Partnership

Tiffany Tauscheck, Greater Des Moines Partnership

Reopening Resources

Wondering how to plan for your supply of personal protective equipment? The Logistics Section developed this video to help you identify reputable vendors, ways to keep your supply chain pipeline fluid and other tips that may be beneficial to your future planning. Watch this helpful video here

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