Polk County Disaster Recovery Partnership

Polk County Disaster Recovery Advisory Committee

The COVID pandemic has been a unique and challenging disaster. Our country and community is very much still in the response phase of this disaster but there is a very urgent need to approach the re-opening of our communities in a thoughtful and coordinated manner and to become more resilient when we experience future disasters. The PCDRAC recognize there are many inter-dependencies among many aspects of our community. For example, we are still working on best practices for mass testing, PPE usage, hospital surge and closure recommendations – all aspects of the response that will be affected by re-opening of businesses, restaurants, daycare facilities and schools. Polk County has created a Polk County Disaster Recovery Partnership that is comprised of local elected leaders within Polk County. Four main topics have been identified as a focus – Health, Economy/Finance, Basic Needs and Local Government. Those categories will include a wide variety of topics, such as mental health, non-profit recovery, business, individual and family financial stability, childcare, and more. Subcommittees represented with experts from these focus areas will develop and communicate best practices and develop tools that will support the current COVID disaster and also future disasters.

PCDRP Vision: A vibrant, ever-thriving community, of exceptionally resilient, engaged and collaborative residents, businesses, schools and organizations of every stripe.

PCDRP Mission: To build a sustainable foundation of partnerships, resilience, community engagement, and growth.

PCDRP Advisory Committee

Co-Chairs: Angela Connolly and Matt McCoy

Advisory Committee Membership: Bob Andeweg, Connie Boesen, Frank Cownie, Helen Eddy, Kerry Walters-Ashby, Mark Wandro, Matt Anderson, Russ Trimble, Scott Sanders, Joyce Warburton, Dutch Geisinger.

Facilitation: Polk County Emergency Management

This image is the initial concept of recovery organization and will continue to develop as work begins.