Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC's) were established by the Federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act, as Title III of the Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act of 1986.

Polk County LEPC Brochure and Handbook

Originally, the LEPC was designed to provide a forum for emergency management agencies, responders, industry and the public to work together to evaluate, understand and communicate chemical hazards in the community and develop appropriate emergency plans in case of accidental release of these chemicals. Other key responsibilities include:

  • assisting local governments in developing hazardous materials emergency response plans
  • evaluating the community's need for resources to respond to hazardous materials emergencies
  • processing requests from the public for information on hazardous chemicals in their communities

Local industries must provide information to the State and LEPC's about chemical hazards. LEPC's are required by law to make this information available to any citizen who requests it.

Each LEPC must include, at a minimum, representatives from the following groups or organizations:

  • elected state and local officials
  • law enforcement, civil defense, firefighting, first aid, health, emergency medical services, local environmental, hospital, and transportation personnel
  • broadcast and print media
  • community groups
  • industry - owners and operators of facilities subject to the reporting requirements of EPCRA

Because the LEPC's members represent the community, they should be familiar with factors that affect public safety, the environment, and the economy of the community. That expertise is essential as the LEPC develops a plan tailored to the needs of Polk County.

You can make a difference by attending an LEPC meeting or by joining your LEPC.  Call 515-286-2107 or email cameron.stufflebeam@polkcountyiowa.gov for more information on upcoming meeting dates, times and locations.


Name Title Employer
Diogenes Ayala Store Manager Verizon Wireless
Betty Backstrom EHS Mgr./ISO Coordinator Helena Chemical Co
Kurt Bailey Polk County Public Works  
Brent Bean Principal Eng. Polk County Public Works
Jim Boyd News Director WHO Radio
Chuck Busch Environmental Engineer John Deere
Rob Chiappano Deputy Chief Ankeny Fire Dept.
Robert J Cox Captain Des Moines Fire Dept.
Robert Day Ops. Manager KCCI TV
Todd Ferrell Environmental Engineer Firestone
Bill Gaspar Deputy Polk County Sheriff
Robert G Goldhammer Citizen Rep General Public
Steve Gross Principle
Terri Henkels Director Polk County Health Dept.
Troy Hugen Plant Manager Helena Industries
Dennis Jones  Cargill Inc.
Msgt. Gerald Lane Readiness Prog Mgr. 132nd FW IANG
Michael Gezel Anderson Erickson Dairy
Steve Maller Strategic Plan Manager  John Deere Credit
Cheryl Meier General Mills
Jeffrey Morton DMPD
Mike Moss General Public
AJ Mumm Director Pol Co. EMA
Rex Mundt Chief Ankeny Fire Dept.
Jay Nealson Safety Manager Titan Tire
Paul Overstreet Firestone
Michael Peters VA Medical Center
Tom Pickrel Linweld
Mary Jo Press  Kemin Industries
Peggy Reelitz Office Specialist Polk Co. EMA
Dave Richards Barton Solvents
Gary Rohmiller
Kristine Rossmiller Environmentalist Drake University
Sgt Russ Schafnitz Des Moines Police Dept.  
Lane Sekavec Union Pacific RR  
Cameron Stufflebeam 132nd FW IANG
Amy Jo Watzek Manager Sam's Club