Polk County Equestrian Center

Meet the Horses

The horses of Jester Park is what makes all our programs and events possible. They are a fabulous string of horses of many different breeds, colors, and ages. Coming soon we will be creating individual pages for each horse, so check back soon! 

Ajah Archer   Bill Cash
Ajah Archer Bill Thumb Cash Hardy

Cinnamon Cody   Dollar Dottie  
Cinnamon Cody Dollar Thumb Dottie Thumb



Elma Freckles Goliath


Eddie Elliot Elma Freckles Thumb Goliath Thumb

Harley Indy Jack Joe Jonis  
Harley Indy Jack Joe Jonis

Knickers Koda LB Nells   Sally
Knickers Koda Lb Nells Sally

Willie  Slo Squishy Sunny Tater Tik
Willie2 Slo Squishy1 Sunny Tater Tik

Interested in being a horse owner? We occassionally have horses that are looking for their new homes. CLICK HERE to see horses that are curently available. Thank you!

Much of our herd is made up of older horses who are mature with lots of life experience to make them gentle and tolerate of novice horse hands. Unfortunately, this mean we must say goodbye to some of our friends but their memory lives on in our hearts. 

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Jester Park Equestrian Center
11171 NW 103 Court
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P: (515) 999-2818
F: (515) 323-5354

Monday – Sunday  9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
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