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Golden Retievers to Invade the Equestrian Center!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The equestrian center will be invaded by Golden Retreivers the weekend of September 21-23 as the DSM Golden Retreiver Club host their annual Agility Trials at the facility. The event is open to spectators and run approx. from 9am-4pm daily!

Special Olympics State Equestrian Meet at JPEC this weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Special Olympics is back at JPEC for their annual state equestrian competition. This event is always a favorite of the barn and we welcome all to visit and cheer on the athletes. For more information about the competition and volunteer information please visit their website: http://www.soiowa.org/competitions/statewide-competitions/equestrian/

2018 Trail Season Completion

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Jester Park Equestrian Center 2018 Trail Season concluded on August 4, 2018! Thank you for everyone that joined up this year and we hope to see a lot of familiar and new faces for 2019 season! Check back on our website and facebook page for the most up-to-date information about our 2019 trail season start date, which tentatively planned for late May/early June!

If you're looking for a great, fall activity that gets you outside with friends and family, we highly suggest looking into our Wagon Ride Outings! They are great for any sized group and all ages/abilities. Check out more information HERE!

Trails/Program Update- Saylorville Lake Flood Forecast

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Due to flood control measures, Saylorville Lake occasionally has water levels over 857.4 ft (above sea level). Once above 857.4 ft, operations and programs at JPEC require additional planning, as well as portions of the public trails are closed.


Current proposed changes from June 20th-June 30th, 2018, due to rising lake levels are as follows:


  • JPEC Trail Operations-
    • Trail rides operated by JPEC will continue normally thru Saturday, 6/23/18. Sunday, June 24th rides are closed at this time.
    • A decision regarding rides for the following two weekends will be made by our Facility Manager on 6/26/18. Currently booked trail rides will be notified 24-48 hours in advance of booking, as to changes to trail rides.
    • Wagon Rides will be cancelled from 6/23/18-TBD, due to lack of an appropriate trail system for safe wagon travel.
    • Pony Rides will continue as normally scheduled for the next several weeks.
    • Public Trail System:
      • The LOWER JESTER PARK trail system, accessible from JPEC (Lakeshore, and Pine Loop trails) will be closed, due to flooding, starting on: 6/23/18.
      • The Hayfield road will be impassable to the west of the lake, as of 6/20/18, and the southern road/trail will be flooded on: 6/25/18.
      • Please respect signage, gates, and blockades for trail closures- this is to insure the safety of all trail users.

The Summer Heat

Sunday, June 17, 2018

With the Summer Solstice coming up fast it's a good idea to go over your supplies and first aid trainings. 

Heat Exhaustion effects not only humans, but animals as well! At JPEC we are always keeping an eye on the temperature and horses. The number one priority with high temps is water availability. Remember, if you are feeling thirsty--you're probably already dehydrated, so drink up before you head outside! 

Horses that sweat for prolonged periods are more at risk of heat stress. This is due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Heat stress can worsen quickly when exercising because of the internal heat generated by the working muscles. It's the same in people; if you are out hiking, riding, boating, or swimming take a lot of water breaks and keep a snack on hand that is high in nutrients/vitamins/electrolytes. Watermelon, bananas, and avocados are all great foods for this! 

Also, don't forget your sunscreen. Our horses with pink noses get Zinc applied when the sun is out. Just like those Lifegaurds in the 80's! :) 

Img 0127

Updates at JPEC

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

We are so excited to be starting our trail rides tomorrow! 

When you come out to Jester Park Equestrian Center you will will see a lot of new projects. During the past year we have completely redone our indoor arena, put high lines at the trail head, put new footing in dry lots, replaced many gates and fencing, fixed up the pastures for our horses, input a beautiful chute system and so much more!

Not only do we have physical changes at JPEC, but our programs and services have also changed. Group Outing Packages for large and small groups are now available--take a look at our website! For scheduling purposes, we as you to contact us via email at least three weeks in advance; we fill up extremely quickly!

We can't wait to show off all of our hard work, teach the public about horses and the environment around us. 

030817Trails Map

Free Horse Manure Available for Gardeners!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

With the arrival of spring (finally!) we are very aware that gardening season has begun! You may come out any time from 8 AM to 5 PM to pick up horse manure for your garden (please note: this is fresh manure, less than 2 weeks old - we do not have composed manure on site). If you are picking up a large amount and need a skid steer to load your vehicle/trailer, please email Barn Supervisor, Liz Beatty at elizabeth.beatty@polkcountyiowa.gov to schedule a day and time for pick up. Happy gardening! 

Garden Horse (1)

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