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2018 Stars & Stripes Gala - A Resounding Success! Thank you!

We would like to thank everybody who came out last night and celebrated with us at the 3rd Annual Stars & Stripes Gala, as well as everybody who donated, and the event sponsors! The 2018 Stars & Stripes Gala was more succesful than ever and we are proud and blown away by the generousity of our community in assisting us in raising a grand total of $16,892! We cannot say thank you enough!

We have been able to serve 191 Veteran service members since the start in September 2016, and we are so thankful for all of the continued support as we continue to grow and expand our reach! The success of the Horses Helping Heroes program would not be possible without the support of this great community!

Before we know it, the 2019 4th Annual Stars & Stripes Gala will be upon us and you can bet we're excited about it! We always need donations (silent auction baskets, unique live auction pieces, services, etc.), event sponsors, and event volunteers as we prepare for next year. If you're interested in getting involved, please let us know by contacting us at JPEC_info@polkcountyiowa.gov!

We thank you! - Horses Helping Heroes

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