Polk County Equestrian Center

Upcoming Construction at the Equestrian Center

Jester Park Equestrian Center (JPEC) would like to take a moment to update clientele on our proposed plans for 2017 operations and programming. In an effort to continue to better serve the public and participants of Polk County, Jester Park Equestrian Center will be taking the majority of the remainder of 2017 to focus on completing several capital improvement projects that are essential for future operations of the Equestrian Center.

These projects include plans for fencing of pasture land, renovations of the (dry) outlots behind the main facility, completion of slow feeder hay feeders, minor improvements to the stable area, improved manure/hay storage options, and the installation of catch pens.

Due to various factors with these planned improvements- such as: planned implementation timelines, construction bid processing, and logistical needs for the care of the current equine residents at JPEC, adjustments to programs offered at Jester Park for 2017 are needed. The following is a list of programs and information regarding their status during these capital improvements.


Birthday Parties and Pony Rides: Birthday parties and pony rides are not being scheduled at this time. We hope to resume birthday parties in 2018.

Trail Rides: JPEC will not be operating a trail ride season for 2017. We will resume normal trail operations in May of 2018 and hope to see everyone next season.

Boarding: JPEC will not be taking in new boarders from May- September of 2017. We will resume intake of new boarders tentatively in October 2017.

Riding Lessons: All riding Lessons will resume January 2018.

Summer Camps: Summer Camps will operate on a normal schedule for the summer of 2017. Our camps will run from June 5th to August 5th, weekly.

Public Programming and Events: No public programming and events will be held during our construction phases, from April 2017 to September 2017.

*All outside scheduled events and clinics will be held as scheduled.


All other programming will resume in 2018. Jester Park Equestrian Center will be back with a full calendar of programs and events in 2018. Daily operations of the facility will continue as normal. During certain phases of the improvements, the Equestrian Center will be closed to the public for safety and security reasons.

If you have a specific question regarding a program you currently participate in at JPEC, please contact-

Molly Mellinger, Program Coordinator at:
Molly.Mellinger@polkcountyiowa.gov or 515-999-2818, ext. 6

For more information on JPEC operations or the capital improvement projects, as well as for questions or concerns, please contact:

Lela Mullen, JPEC Facility Manager at:
lela.mullen@polkcountyiowa.gov or 515-999-2818, ext. 7


Doug Romig, PCC Deputy Director at
Doug.romig@polkcountyiowa.gov or 515-323-5355

Thank you for your time,

Lela Mullen
JPEC Manager

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