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Horsemanship Lessons

Do you have a horse crazy kid over 8-years-old? Are YOU horse crazy and would like to pursue the ‘art’ of horsemanship? Jester Park Equestrian Center and its team of talented instructors and invaluable horses can give you the best foundation out there!

Our Horsemanship Lessons are established on the concept of “Balanced Horsemanship”. This means we teach from the ground up. You’ll not only learn to ride, but how to groom, tack, work from the ground, and care for our equine partners. We utilize the teachings of horseman, Buck Brannaman, and the California Ranch Style of Horsemanship.

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orsemanship Lesson Packages
Our lessons, unless otherwise stated, are 1-hour long lessons that are either private one-on-one lessons or, if requested, scheduled as small groups (up to 3 students to 1 instructor). Small group lessons are for siblings or friends. Lessons are scheduled weekly on a consistent day and time, depending on availability. Sorry, there are no bi-weekly or extended ‘break’ options for our lessons! 

Introductory Lesson Package – 3 Lessons Included, $150
This is a great ‘starter’ package for those who are not sure they are ready to commit to a full lesson package or for those who want to brush up on their horsemanship skills before you take that trail ride or gain more confidence on the back of a horse.

Standard Lesson Package – 6 Lessons Included, $250
For our long-term students or students truly devoted to learning the challenging skill of horsemanship.

Group Lesson Package – 8, 1.5 Hour Lessons, $300
Available to CURRENT JPEC Horsemanship students only.

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In horsemanship lessons you can expect to walk away with the following principals; horse safety, how to sit on a horse properly (Yes! There is a very specific way to do it!), learn how to communicate with a 1000lb animal and have them be willing to act, weather its simply walking on, or rolling back over their hocks and loping off, and most importantly, start developing something we call ‘feel’.

Fall 2018 Lesson Schedule
Tuesdays through Thursdays with lessons at the following times:
2:30pm, 3:45pm, 5:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:30pm

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Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions! Email us at JPEC_lessons@polkcountyiowa.gov

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