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Started in September of 2016, Jester Park Equestrian Center partnered directly with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to create a unique adaptive horsemanship program that will support our veterans in need.

Horses Helping Heroes is an equine assisted activity and therapy based, wellness and skill-set restructuring program based out of Jester Park Equestrian Center in Granger, Iowa. Partnering with the V.A., we strive to support our Nation's Heroes (both men and women) who may be homeless, struggling with substance abuse, PTSD, or have experienced combat related trauma during their time serving and defending our country. The Veterans we serve work hands-on with our horses from their first visit at the Equestrian Center. Our goal is that through group and individual activities the Veterans are able to develop skills they can use in their day to day life.

Future plans include broadening the program to work with other Veteran groups, organizations, and individual Veterans to offer a broad range of equine-assisted adaptive horsemanship programs to assist with recovery and renewed life skills. 

H3 Mission

Current H3 Programs

Within H3, the Heroes Program is the foundation in which Veterans currently seeking support from the V.A. participate in a 4-week course that is designed to assist them in gaining life skills. We utilize our horses and expertise at Jester Park Equestrian Center as a means of facilitating the V.A. Equine Therapy Program as a part of their Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs (MH RRTPs). To learn more about the details of our Heroes Program, please click HERE

The Selfless Service Volunteer Program is a structured training program in which all interested volunteers must commit to completing before volunteering within the Heroes Program. It takes a dedicated and sensitive person to have a positive influence on the veterans who join us in the Heroes Program. However, we recognize that it takes all types of people for the program to be successful and we welcome volunteers from all walks of life to join us in the Selfless Service Volunteer Program. To learn more about becoming a Selfless Service Volunteer, please click HERE.

Jester Park Equestrian Center is always looking to expand our opportunities to serve our nation's Veterans. Currently we are developing various programs to allow alternate avenues for Veteran participation in Horses Helping Heroes. Coming soon, we will be introducing a out-patient program for Veterans who are seeking continued support. Look for more updates and information about the growth of H3 on our Facebook Page!

For donor information, including what the Horses Helping Heroes Program is and where we see it going in the near future, please take a look at our Donor Fact Sheet!

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