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Additional Pony Party Information

All Pony Parties will include a 2.5-Hour Party Room rental and Pony Rides for up to 15 children (including birthday party child). This is the Basic Pony Party Package and starts at $25/Pony Rider.


  • Pony Parties require a reservation. Parties are scheduled by availability. Party availabilities can be found online – if there no availabilities listed, that means we currently are full or not offering parties.
  • Pony Parties have a maximum rider limit of 15 Pony Riders total. You are welcome to bring more people or family, but the ‘Pony Activity’ participants maximum is 15 total children.
    • Up to 20 people may go on a Wagon Ride if you have chosen in include a Wagon Ride. All Wagon Ride participants (adult and children), must have a signed Release Form.
  • Pony Rides are for children ages 2-12. Older children can be accommodated if prior arrangements are made in advance of the party. Parties who wish to use the Pony Trail for the Pony Ride portion must have a minimum age of 4-years-old for all riders.
  • Horse and equipment are provided. All children will be required to wear a JPEC ATSM helmet when interacting with the horses. 

Pony Party Packages

Basic Pony Party Package- $25/Pony Rider: Includes 2.5-hour Party Room rental and a pony ride for each child.

Deluxe Pony Party Package- $30/Pony Rider: Includes 2.5-hour Party Room rental, pony ride for each child, and a Wagon Ride.

Pony Lover Add-On - $50 Flat Add-On Fee: For the true pony lovers, kids will get to help take care of their ponies that they rode during their pony rides. Learn about saddles and tack and get a chance to groom their ponies (some children may ‘share’ their pony with other party goers).

Pony Party Terms & Conditions

The Pony Rides – Detailed Information

  • All Pony Parties will include a 15-minute pony ride for the birthday child and up to 14 of their friends. (Maximum of 15 Riders, no exceptions)
    • Release Forms: All children who are Pony Riding, Grooming, and/or Wagon Ride participants MUST have a release form filled out BEFORE they partake in any activities. You can fill out a release form ONLINE or PRINT one out and bring it with you to your Pony Party.  
    • Helmeting: All children interacting with horses will be REQUIRED to wear a JPEC ATSM Helmet. 
    • Age Requirements: The minimum age for all Pony Riders is 2-years-old. The maximum age for Pony Riders is 12-years-old unless prior arrangements have been made in advance.
    • Pony Ride Groups: Parties with under 5 riders total can expect their pony rides to take place all at once. Parties of over 5 riders can expect their group to be split into 2 groups (ie: a group of 8 will have 4 riders ride at a time).
    • Pony Ride Location: Pony Rides will either take place in our Indoor Arena, Outdoor Arena, or Pony Trail.
      • Pony Rides in our Indoor OR Outdoor Arena will include an obstacle course OR pony games (such as red-light green-light or “Simon says”). If you have a preference, please be sure to indicate this during your booking process.
      • Pony Rides on the Pony Trail will only be offered to groups that have a minimum age of 4-years-old for all riders. The Pony Trail is weather dependent and it is at the reservation of the JPEC Staff to deem if it is safe for the group to head out on the Pony Trail.
        • In the event a party has planned to ride on the Pony Trail and JPEC has chosen not to head out on the trail (concerns include weather, rider safety, etc.), the pony ride will take place in an arena.

The Party Rental Area – Detailed Information

  • All Pony Parties include a 2.5-hour rental of either our climate controlled Party Room or Outdoor Picnic Area.
    • The Party Room: the party room can hold up to 50 people and is climate controlled with air-conditioning and heating.
    • The Outdoor Picnic Area: includes a concrete based, covered outdoor pavilion than holds 4 average sized picnic tables. Charcoal grill is available to use (party provides coals and is required to notify JPEC of use) free of charge. There is a grassy area that is near the Picnic Area that is great for a game area or just running around by the kids! Fire Rings for cooking s’mores or other camping activities are available for parties at no additional charge. Parties are responsible for fire wood, lighting, and dowsing fire.
  • Party Décor: Families are welcome to decorate their party space with temporary party décor.
    • Parties are welcome to start setting up 30 minutes prior to their scheduled party time. If you expect you will require more set up time, please be sure to notify JPEC during your booking process. Parties that require more than 30-minutes of prep maybe charged an additional reservation fee.
  • Concession Stand: JPEC has a full service concession stand beside the Party Room. All parties are welcome to utilize the fridge and freezer free of charge. We cannot guarantee availability if arrangements are not made in advance, so if you know your party will require use of the fridge or freezer, please let us know ASAP!
    • If you would like to use the concession stand to set out food, parties are welcome to rent the concession stand for $25/2-3hrs.
  • Damages: Parties that permanently damage the JPEC Party Room or any other area at the Equestrian Center maybe charged a damage fee. We understand that accidents happen, so please tell us before you leave so we can work with you!
  • Clean Up Policy: JPEC will clean up after your party! We do appreciate parties that pick up before leaving or, at minimum, notify a JPEC staff member of any large accidents (such as food or drink spillage)!

Average Pony Party Timeline

Each Pony Party differs slightly, and are highly flexible with PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS. However, on average your Pony Party will follow an outline similar to this (example timeline for a party scheduled from 12-2pm):

11:30-12:00pm: Set Up & Arrival 
Party family is welcome to arrive early to unload/prep. If you need more time, please indicate this when you are booking. A clerk will check in you at this time and ask to finalize any payment before the party starts. They will also show you to where your party space is and answer any questions.

12:00-12:15pm: Starting the Party! 
This time is for your guests to arrive and finalized any check in process (ie: collecting physical release forms). *Please note, if you can assist by directing your guests to check in so we can get their release forms signed off this will help us tremendously on getting started smoothly!  

12:15-1:15pm: Pony Activities! 
We will begin the JPEC Pony Rides OR Wagon Ride (if the Wagon Ride option was chosen.) Depending on the size of your party, your Pony Activities can take between 30 minutes-1.5 Hours (Pony Rides, Wagon Ride, and Grooming Sessions). We will want to start promptly so your party can have plenty of Party Room time to eat cake, open presents, etc. *If you have party guests who are late, it is your decision as the party family if you choose to wait for them or not. If you choose to delay the start of the Pony Activities, you are aware that this will eat into your time in the party room after the Pony Activities are wrapped up.

1:15-2:30pm: Party Room Time 
We have wrapped up our Pony Activities and the remaining time is for your party to enjoy on your own. Eat cake, have lunch, open presents, whatever you have planned!

By 2:30pm: Wrapping Up Your Party 
A JPEC staff member will come to check to make sure the party is wrapping up and ask if there were any questions or concerns.

By 2:45pm: Clean Up 
A JPEC staff member will be coming to start the clean-up from your party. We completely understand that wrangling excited kiddos while getting packed up can be a challenging so please do not worry about taking your time. Just please be aware we will need to start cleaning the Party Room so you will want to have party activities wrapped up at 2:45pm.

If you would like additional party room time, we are happy to rent the party room for additional time. The Party Room is $20/hour of additional rental time. Please be sure to make this arrangement in advance of your party.


For more information, questions, or to inquire about Pony Party availability please do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email at JPEC_Info@polkcountyiowa.gov or give us a call at (515)-999-2818 ext. 1!

We look forward to see you out at the barn and providing a SPECTACULAR Birthday Party for your child! 


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