Polk County General Services

Building Services

Maintenance Services

General Services has a group of dedicated staff that performs a wide range of maintenance duties. This includes electricians, carpenters, painters, and for more general work, maintenance workers. Many tasks and projects are performed on a daily basis in support of County and State programs. This support is provided at all County-owned facilities. In rented facilities, the maintenance functions are usually provided by the property owner. Some examples of work performed include: electrical repair, building cabinets, shelves and judge’s benches, mowing and snowblowing, moving furniture and equipment.

Custodial Services

Our building technicians and building attendants provide clean facilities for employees and the public. All County-owned facilities are serviced by County employees. We take pride in our public buildings and make sure that they are in a condition that citizens expect. Examples of work include floor stripping and waxing, vacuuming carpets, trash collection, and other general cleaning duties.

Engineering Services

Stationary engineers maintain heating, cooling and plumbing systems in County buildings. This group ensures that County facilities are safely operated and comfortable for employees and the public.


A telecommunications specialist provides internal support for the various phone systems operated by the County. The County has 11 phone systems tied together providing service to 1,900 users at 25 buildings. There are another 7 stand-alone systems.

Contracted Services

The County will frequently seek quotes from contractors to provide supplemental support to bolster the efforts of County staff. This occurs when more specialized skills or equipment are needed than are available in-house. On occasion, when projects are large, outside assistance may also be sought.


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