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Fall Auction! - October 21st, 2017.

Located at Greenfield Auction Arena, 3920 Dixon Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50313.

Items will include surplus property and equipment as well as seized items from the Polk County Sheriff's Office. To view the list of items please visit www.dvorakauctionservice.com 

Please contact John Tyler with Polk County at 515-286-3129 for more information.

General Auction Information

Surplus furniture is frequently sold on GovDeals.com and items can be viewed at the below link:


Miscellenious items such equipment and vehicles are also auctioned using on-line and local companies. These auctions are typically held during Spring and Fall.

Do you want to be notified of the annual auctions ahead of time? Polk County will email the notifications approximately 7 days prior to the auction. The notification will contain general information about items to be sold along with the date, time, and location. Just click on the link below!

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