Polk County General Services

Internal Services

Much of General Services’ daily activity is serving the needs of the County’s offices and departments. Seven staff members provide professional and prompt service supporting activities throughout the County. Some of these services include mail processing, central stores, printing, and vehicle fleet management.

Mail Processing

Polk County operates a central mail processing office that receives mail from numerous County and State offices. Mail is run through a postage meter, bundled and taken to the U.S Post Office for reduced rate deliveries. The Mail Room also receives all County mail, sorts and delivers to the various County buildings and those sites that house State functions supported by County Government, such as the courts and human services.

Central Stores

Given the need to provide office supplies throughout the County, General Services has a Central Stores staff that is responsible for receiving most goods, equipment and supplies used by the County. Central Stores maintains an inventory of selected items that are routinely used by County offices. Most items used by the County are not kept in the inventory but are purchased with a short term delivery. Central Stores staff deliver requisitioned items to work sites.

Print Shop

A small print shop is operated in support of County offices, providing production printing and image work. Approximately 480,000 pages per month are produced in color and black & white formats. Special work is sent to outside printers when the Print Shop is not able to produce the requested formats.


Contact Us

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