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2016 School Immunization Reports

The Polk County Health Department has released the 2016 edition of the Polk County Schools Immunization Reports. These reports contain information from immunization audits conducted in each public and non-public school within Polk County between October-December 2016. The reports are available at our website: /health/reports-data/school-immunization-reports/school-year-2016/

The Polk County Immunization Reports highlight the number of vaccination exemptions and certificates of students enrolled in Polk County schools and the level of risk by school in case of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak. These reports also provide a series of recommendations that schools can put in practice to minimize their potential risk.

“Our school immunization reports show that the numbers of children who were not fully immunized- even if they had a valid, legal reason for not being immunized- are increasing,” said Rick Kozin, Polk County Health Department Director. “According to our latest immunization report, the overall number of Polk County students not fully immunized was 2,930. This represented 3.4% of the students enrolled in a Polk County schools. This represented an increase from 2009 when the number of children was 1,717 and the rate was 2.2%.”

For inquiries or comments regarding the content presented in the immunization reports, contact our Childhood Immunization Program at (515) 286-3798 or healthdept@polkcountyiowa.gov

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