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UnityPoint Health – Des Moines Recognizes World Hepatitis Day By Offering Free Testing

UnityPoint Health – Des Moines Recognizes World Hepatitis Day By Offering Free Testing  


DES MOINES, IA  – The Center for Liver Disease at UnityPoint Health – Des Moines, in partnership with Polk County Public Health Department, is recognizing World Hepatitis Day on Thursday, July 28 by offering free Hepatitis testing.        

Tests will be offered to baby boomers (people born between 1945-1965) and ID’s will be checked. There is no appointment necessary, as testing will be for those on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. Testing will take place at Polk County Health Department at 1907 Carpenter Ave, Des Moines, IA, from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., parking is free.  Free follow-up testing for positive initial result.

Baby boomers are most at-risk for Hepatitis C; these individuals are five times more likely to have Hepatitis C. Without early diagnosis or intervention, one in four individuals with chronic Hepatitis C infection will develop liver cancer or will have liver failure.

Viral hepatitis is the leading cause of catastrophic liver damage, cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver transplants. Most people with Hepatitis C do not feel sick, yet liver damage may be silently taking place. This “silent epidemic” affects more than five million Americans, yet according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 75 percent of these individuals do not realize they are infected because symptoms can take years to develop.

World Hepatitis Day is a critical opportunity for Iowa residents – particularly baby boomers and other at-risk populations – to get tested and protect their health.




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