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Home Care Aid Services

Home Care Aide (Homemaker)

Included are the provisions of services under the supervision of a professional, primarily in the homes of consumers, who, due to the absence, incapacity or limitations of the usual homemaker or caregiver are experiencing stress or crisis. The services promote consumer health and a safe, stable, sanitary home environment and do not require a physician's order. Services may include cleaning a client's house, laundry, changing bed linens, planning meals (including special diets), shopping for food, cooking, helping client get out of bed, bathe, dress, groom, money management, child care, respite, accompanying clients to doctor's appointments or on other errands, and providing instruction and psychological support to clients.

Home Care Aide (Home Helper)

Included are the provision of general shopping and housekeeping under the supervision of a professional to protect the enviromnemnt for a self-directing consumer to preserve a safe and sanitary home.

Home Care Aide (Personal Care)

Included are health-related services under the direction of nursing staff and/or case managers. The services may include observation of a clinet self-administering medications, checking client's pulse rate, temperature and respiration rate, helping with simple prescribed exercised, keeping clinet's room neat, helping clients to move from bed, bathe, dress, changing non-sterile dressing, giving skin care and back rubs, assisting with braces and artificial limbs or assisting clients in using medical equipment.

These services are provides through a subcontract with Wesley Community Services. (www.wesleylife.org)

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