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Daytime Cooling Centers/ Aquatic Centers

A Daytime Cooling Center is an air conditioned facility where residents can temporarily go during periods of extreme temperatures. Few to no services are provided beyond what is normally available in that location. Vulnerable populations such as children, seniors, and people with chronic conditions can benefit of from respite time in an air conditioned facility during extreme heat periods.  Free transportation to/from daytime cooling centers will be available during extreme heat incidents. Riders need to inform the driver they are going to or from a cooling center. The Animal Rescue League Main Location (5452 NE 22nd St DSM/ 515-262-9503) welcomes residents who want to cool off with their pets.

  • List of 2018 Daytime Cooling Centers in Polk County- Click here to access list.
  • Daytime Cooling Centers Interactive Map- Click here to access map of locations in Polk County.
    • Under the menu option Layers, there are 2 categories: 2018 Daytime Cooling Centers and DART routes. To activate/deactivate them, click on the square symbol.
    • Daytime cooling centers are represented in the map by a dark/blue symbol. Enter address to visualize the closest cooling to your location.
    • Each location includes the followig information:
      • Name the location
      • Hours
      • Address
      • Phone
      • DART route (For information about bus routes and schedules, please visit DART website)
      • Availability on holidays
      • Website of the location



City of Altoona http://www.altoonacampus.com/site/altoona-aquatics-park

City of Ankeny http://www.ci.ankeny.ia.us/departments/parks-and-recreation/aquatics

City of Clive http://www.cityofclive.com/residents/aquatic-center

City of Des Moines https://www.dmgov.org/Departments/Parks/Pages/AquaticsandWaterSports.aspx

City of Urbandale http://www.urbandale.org/170/Parks-Recreation

City of West Des Moines http://www.wdm.iowa.gov/government/parks-recreation/aquatic-centers-spraygrounds


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