Polk County Health Department

Extreme Heat Toolkit

Dear Community Organizations,

Thank you for helping keep Polk County residents safe during the extremely hot and humid summer days. We greatly appreciate your support! To ensure our residents’ safety during extreme heat, we have developed a tool kit for your organization to utilize:

Safety Posters/Handouts

Safety Messages 

  • Three extreme heat messages to put in a newsletter, bulletins or announcements in English/Spanish.

Safety Practices Parents and Kids

Medication Safety

  • Information about how medications can affect the body’s response to extreme heat conditions in English/Spanish.
  • Medcation safety in cars poster PDF and JPEG

Pet Safety

  • A handout on how to keep pets safe during extreme heat weather conditions in English/Spanish.
  • Do not leave pets/kid poster PDF nand JPEG

Safety Videos

Summer Safety Tips (1)

Summer Safety Tips (2)

Summer Safety Tips (3)

For additional questions, contact: Nola Aigner, Health Educator/Public Information Officer. Phone: (515) 286-3848 / Email: nola.aigner@polkcountyiowa.gov

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