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WISEWOMAN Cardiovascular Study

The purpose of the WISEWOMAN Cardiovascular Study is to reduce cardiovascular disease risk by improving dietary and physical activity behaviors in women ages 40-64.

The study will provide screening with follow-up and referral, limited diagnostic testing for hypertension and high blood cholesterol, and access to smoking cessation programs, to all study participants. Each study participant will receive the following screenings annually as part of the WISEWOMAN Study: Blood Pressure Monitoring, Height and Weight Measurements, and a Lipid Panel Blood Draw for Cholesterol Levels.

In addition, study participants will be offered lifestyle intervention sessions designed by Iowa State University Extension Office to help improve eating and physical activity behaviors.

If you'd like further information, or to find out if you might qualify for the study, please contact the Polk County Health Department, "Care for Yourself" / WISEWOMAN program staff at 1-866-209-1300, or locally 286-3642.

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