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There were about 40 people from schools, government, mental health, social work, medicine, human services and the faith community that came to the forming meeting (October 6, 2005) of the Polk County Suicide Prevention Coalition. The first meeting identified the following four interests and concerns:
  • A community-wide prevention strategy is needed
  • There is no local comprehensive source of information or action related to suicide
  • People want to know more about TeenScreen
  • Community awareness needs to be raised
At the second meeting (November 3, 2006), the Coalition identified some of the specific needs our organizations would like to see addressed with respect to suicide prevention. They include:
  • Community resources and providers
  • Information for schools
  • Reaching Latino populations
  • Public awareness/education
  • Helping parents and peers identify risks
  • Being part of statewide strategy and capacity building
  • Shortage of psychiatrists statewide
  • Opening the topic of suicide up to discussion--de-mystifying and de-stigmatizing
  • Mental health parity
  • Teaching of coping strategies

As of January 2015, the Polk County Suicide Prevention Coalition has more than 150 members and has work groups focused on:

  • Mental health needs of college students
  • Suicide prevention and mental health needs and resources for high schools and middle schools
  • Planning the annual Out of the Darkness Walk
  • Planning the annual Survivors of Suicide Loss event
  • Encouraging training for crisis response, suicide prevention and support for survivors of suicide loss
For more information, or to become a member, contact Chris Frantsvog at (515) 286-3430.

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