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Polk County Suicide Prevention Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations work together to prevent suicides in Polk County.  Suicide claims 30,000 lives each year and 650,000 people receive emergency care annually after attempting suicide in the United States.  86 people die every day from Suicide.  Suicide is a global health problem.  Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death of teens and young adults in Polk County.
To reduce the incidence of suicide attempts and suicide completions in Polk County through engaging the community in carrying out national, state and local strategies; raising awareness; educating the public; and assuring access to resources.
Core Values and Beliefs
  • Suicide is a public health problem.
  • We value our community’s youth and adults.
  • We value life.
  • Stigma is a major barrier to suicide prevention.
  • Suicide is preventable.
  • We value action.
  • By working together with a common mission, we can effect greater change.

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