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Prenatal Care

Content updated 4/4/17

A healthy pregnancy is the first step to a healthy baby. Prenatal care allows for healthcare providers to promote healthy lifestyle choices and quickly address medical conditions that could impact development of the fetus during pregnancy. 

In Polk County, the majority of pregnant women received prenatal care and most of them started this process early in their pregnancy. Between 2005 – 2015, 59,940 or 80.7% of the total average of pregnant women during this period started prenatal care in the first trimester.


This graph represents the average percentage of births from each race/ethnic group that started their pre-natal care during the first trimester. Early entry into prenatal care is important for healthy development and birth of the baby. 

American Indians/Alaska Natives and African Americans were the groups with the lowest percentage of births that received prenatal care during the first trimester. In addition, these groups had the highest percentages of births that reported not receiving prenatal care during pregnancy. 


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