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Top Causes of Death

Content updated 8/1/17

In Polk County, the most common cause of death has been Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) with a rate of 184.7 per 100,000 in 2015, followed by malignant neoplasms, or cancer with a rate of 166.5. The next most common causes (Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases, Accidents/Unintentional Injuries, and Alzheimer’s Disease ) are found at a much lower rate than CVD and cancer and have stayed at a relatively consistent level during previous years. The chart below shows the relationship between the top five causes of death in Polk County.

Top 5 Causes of Death By Age 2010-2015 

The following charts show the most common causes of death by age group. Results are estimated by 5-year average estimate (2010-2015). (Source: IDPH Iowa Tracking Portal)

0-4 Years Old

5-14 Years Old

15-34 Years Old

35-64 Years Old

65-84 Years Old

85+ Years Old

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