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Social Determinants of Health

During the years 2015-2016, the Polk County Health Department conducted a series of discussions within the organization about the impact of social determinants of health in our community. In addition we reached out to our community partners for their input about how they perceive that social and environmental determinants affect the lives of their clients and the people in our community.

As a product of these conversations, the Polk County Health Department produced a video that portrays the impact of social and environmental determinants in Polk County.   The determinants that are discussed in this video include access to care, affordable housing, education, emotional wellbeing, nutrition, safety and transportation. In addition, representatives from these organizations shared their perspectives about practices that could improve the lives of all residents, especially vulnerable populations, in our community.

We hope that this video will help to enhance the understanding among community leaders and people in the community about the impact of social and environmental determinants on health. At the same time, we believe it could be used to generate group discussions and ideas about what could be done to improve the lives of people in communities everywhere.

The menu on the left includes a full version of a video that shows the concept of social determinants and interviews with representatitives from community organizations and clients. You can also choose specific sections from the video from the menu.

Thank you to all representives from the following organizations that agreed to be interviewed for this production: 

Also, thank you to Full Spectrum Productions LLC for the production of these materials.

Finally, thank you to the Kresge Foundation for their financial support of the production of these videos.

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