Healthy Polk 2020

Priority #10

Ensure access to affordable, healthy food for everyone.

Limited access to healthy food choices can lead to poor diets and higher levels of diet related diseases. In addition, limited access to affordable food choices can lead to higher levels of food insecurity, increasing the number of low- and moderate income families without access to enough food to sustain a healthy, active life. This is why “Ensure equal access to safe and affordable and healthy food for all Polk County residents” is one of the 10 priorities in Healthy Polk 2020. To view an Iowa county-specific poverty and food needs profile click here.

A group of experts from the food and nutrition community has been reviewing and analyzing existing efforts to ensure equal access to safe, affordable, and healthy food for all Polk County residents. Here is a summary of the process by which this priority is being transformed into actionable strategies. This list of indicators has been proposed to measure the success of the 10th priority of Healthy Polk 2020. 


Summaries of New Projects

Several projects have been discussed by the food expert panel. The goal of these projects is to fill gaps in the Polk County food system and to progress toward the goals of Healthy Polk 2020.

Issue Briefs and Updates
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The next gathering of stakeholders will take place: September 14, 2012

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