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Donated Leave Overview and Basic Information

Employees may donate up to four (8) hours of earned vacation or personal leave to an eligible employee who has been approved for a leave of absence because of a serious illness or due to a serious illness of a spouse, legal parent, or child as authorized under the County's Family and Medical Leave Act Policy, but does not possess the necessary earned hours of leave.

Eligible employees may receive donated leave for all circumstances arising under the County's Family Medical Leave Act Policy regardless of eligibility for other leave benefits. The maximum donated time an employee may receive in a twelve (12) month period measured backward from the date they used any FMLA leave is 240 hours.

An eligible employee is defined as a regular full-time employee with at least twelve (12) months of continuous employment at the time of the employee's application for FMLA leave.

Requests for donated leave must be submitted for approval to the Human Resources Director along with a statement of need and supporting medical documentation. Upon approval, the employee's request will be communicated to all department offices to obtain donated leave. Donated leave shall be accepted until the maximum leave is donated or the employee returns to work, whichever occurs first.

The use of donated leave shall be subject to the same restrictions and/or requirements as set forth in this manual; and the employee/recipient shall not derive any accrual of leave as a result of the receipt of donated leave. Donated leave that is unused upon the employee's return to work shall be returned to the respective donor.

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