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Labor Relations Manager

The role of the Labor Relations Manager position is to enhance positive relations between employees and management in the work environment and to promote the fair and consistent treatment of all persons. The Labor Relations Manager works with elected officials and department heads to develop and implement an overall labor relations strategy for Polk County; coordinates administration of grievance procedures; strives to maintain satisfactory labor-management relations; administration of the County’s labor contracts and employment policies; represents the County in labor relations activities including negotiation, interpretation and administration of collective bargaining agreements.

Additionally, the Labor Relations Manager represents the County in administrative proceedings including Industrial Services, Job Service, Public Employment Relations Board and Department of Labor matters. The Labor Relations Manager works with employees and supervisors on issues, claims, or questions regarding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Labor Relations Manager also enforces County’s policies on Sexual Harassment, Violence in the Workforce, entitlement for Disability Income Plan, and entitlement for Donated Leave Program.

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Phone: (515) 286-3200
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