About Procurement


Establish the Procurement Division as the central, automated procurement source for all County departments and associated State agencies to insure the appropriate, cost-effective acquisition, distribution, and disposal of all goods and services for our customers.       


To procure quality goods and services for Polk County departments and agencies at the best market value through fair and open competition.        
To effectively administer the complete procurement cycle of all goods and services on behalf of our customers(county departments) from the initial needs determination and purchasing process, through evaluation, delivery, implementation, and final disposition of the goods or conclusion of the contracts. 

General Information

Polk County Invitations to Bid, Request for Quotes, Requests for Proposals, and Requests for Qualifications are open to the general public and will be posted and administered via BidNet Direct at  Vendors of goods and services interested in obtaining information regarding specific solicitations and/or intending to submit a response will be required to register as a BidNet Direct vendor via the link above.  There is no cost to register or to submit responses to Polk County solicitations.

The Procurement Division is responsible for recommending and administering procurement and purchasing policies, programs, and procedures for the acquisition of materials, equipment, supplies, services and construction projects for Polk County Government.
The Procurement Division by Board approval is a central procurement and purchasing office.  All requests for prices or services and all purchases are made via the Procurement Division. This authority may be delegated to others, if certain criteria exists, in accordance with the Polk County Purchasing Policy.
This division has the authority to investigate the quality, quantity, and type of material purchased in order to best serve the interests of the County of Polk and the taxpaying citizens.
This division shall not knowingly award contracts nor issue a purchase order where there is evidence of a conflict of interest.
The county shall purchase from suppliers who have adequate financial strength, high ethical standards, and a record of adhering to specifications and providing the full measure of services required.
By virtue of statuary authority, preference will be given to products and provisions grown and produced within the State of Iowa and to Iowa domestic labor.
At the discretion of the Board of Supervisors, preference may be given to Polk County vendors who produce goods or maintain an office in Polk County.  Further, it shall be policy to actively solicit and seek out local vendors of goods and services and to encourage local vendors to stock and supply Iowa-made products.
Departments/agencies under the Polk County Procurement and Purchasing Policies:

  • Board of Supervisors
  • Auditor
  • County Attorney
  • Recorder
  • Sheriff
  • Treasurer
  • Human Resources
  • Community, Family and Youth Services
  • General Services
  • Health Department
  • Public Works
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Exceptions are:
    • Assessors Office
    • Conservation Board
    • Health Services Corp.

Employees of the County shall not procure or assist in procuring any materials, supplies or equipment for the personal use of any employee, or official of the County. Employees by virtue of position are not entitled to any special consideration from vendors and contractors in their personal affairs nor are they to attempt to procure material for the personal use of any other person.