Tornado Recovery Effort and Open Burning

As our communities begin the work of tornado debris cleanup, keep in mind that open burning is not allowed within the cities of Des Moines, West Des Moines, Clive, Windsor Heights, Urbandale, and Pleasant Hill.

In cities not listed above contact your city or check the Air Quality Division’s Polk County Cities and Municipalities Open Burning Ordinances page to determine if open burning is allowed in your location.

In unincorporated areas of Polk County open burning may be used to dispose of trees, branches, leaves and landscape waste on your residential property. The open burning is limited to the residential property of origination, no hauled-in material is allowed to be burned. Open burning is allowed for trees, branches, leaves and landscape waste landing or ending up on your residential property.

In all areas of Polk County it is illegal to open burn dimensional lumber, building & structure debris, shingles, siding, plastics, refuse, rubbish, garbage, etc.

Commercial properties are prohibited from open burning in Polk County.

If you have questions regarding opening burning visit our Open Burning Guidance page or contact us at: (515)-286-3705 or by Email: