Other Water Resources Efforts

Central Iowa Water Trails

With over 150 miles of water trails and over 86 access sites, Central Iowa Water Trails looks to reconnect Iowans with our river roots. Activating our river corridors represents the greatest untapped potential of our community. From offering first-class quality of life for Iowans, to attracting visitors and revitalizing our riverfronts, Central Iowa Water Trails will offer something for everyone.

Easter Lake Watershed Project

Easter Lake is a popular 168-acre recreational lake on the South Side of Des Moines in Polk County.  Over the past several decades, the lake has suffered from poor water clarity, algal blooms, high sedimentation rates, low oxygen concentrations, and a poor fishery. The Easter Lake Watershed Project is dedicated to addressing these water quality issues, improving recreational opportunities, and reconnecting local residents with the natural amenities of the area.