Watershed Management Authority

In 2010, Iowa lawmakers passed legislation authorizing the creation of Watershed Management Authorities. A Watershed Management Authority (WMA) is a mechanism for cities, counties, Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) and stakeholders to cooperatively engage in watershed planning and management.  Since 2010, Polk County has joined and participated in five WMAs where we have undertaken watershed activities including:

  • Assess and reduce flood risk
  • Assess and improve water quality
  • Monitor federal flood risk planning and activities
  • Educate residents of the watersheds regarding flood risks and water quality
  • Allocate funding for watershed improvements

To learn more about WMA Watershed efforts follow the links below:

Iowa's Watershed Management Map


John Swanson, Watershed Management Authority Coordinator

Water Resources Planner

Polk County Public Works

(515) 875-5880

For additional information about water resources or to discuss concerns contact:

John Swanson, Water Resources Planner

(515) 875-5880