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Polk County provides services to low income homeowners and renters residing in Polk County. (Including all cities within Polk County). These services include conducting a complete energy audit. Some common weatherization services include:

  • Adding insulation to the attic, walls and/or floors. If insulation is added, holes may be drilled in the siding and vents may be added to the roof. These measures will reduce the amount of heat being lost through walls, ceiling and floors.
  • The combustion appliances (heating systems, water heaters, stoves) will be safety-checked to ensure that they are not putting off too much carbon monoxide. If they are, depending upon your circumstance, the program may replace your appliance. This will ensure that health and safety problems are not created by tightening up your house.
  • Your heating system may be cleaned and tuned, repaired, retrofitted, and in some cases, replaced.
  • Energy efficient lighting will be installed.

Families living in the City of Des Moines with incomes at or below 150% of the poverty level who have high energy costs should apply for assistance at the

IMPACT Community Action Partnership

3226 University Ave.

Des Moines, IA 50311

PH: 515-518-4770 or 515-274-9496

The families living outside of the city of Des Moines should apply for assistance through the

Impact Community Action Partnership's Polk County Center (Ph: 515-965-0433 or 515-274-9496)

An eligibility priority list, complied from applications, is sent to Polk County each year from the State of Iowa. This list indicates where Weatherization staff should provide assistance based on the energy usage of eligible applicants. Services are provided to families based on their position on the priority list. Families living in rental households must have the landlord agree to participate in the program.

Contact one of the above listed offices for more information.

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